1+2 equals 100's new and unique sales opportunities.

Built for Recyclers

3 Unique Sales Opportunities

URG partnered with OnPart over a year ago to create PartsSourcePro, the key for recyclers to getting those non-VIN parts connected to the CCC platform. The PartsSourcePro platform provides insights into the CCC market while opening up new sales and marketing channels for all of those non-VIN parts.

Built on the success of that program, URG members have two new unique opportunities through the PartsSourcePro program powered by OnPart. These two programs are FREE until Oct 1st, 2022, and both will drive more parts sales. URG members will automatically be added to both programs to ensure maximum sales opportunities.

With Mitchell's industry-leading technologies and 75 years of experience, URG members will have a unique opportunity to accelerate their sales opportunities. Mitchell has partnered with insurers and repairers to create a more robust sales landscape for the recycling industry.

URG members, through the OnPart connection, can quote parts directly from the Mitchell collision estimating system. As requested by the insurance industry, this connection will bring VIN parts to market to meet the industry's demand for recycled parts in an electronic format.

FREE until Oct 1st, 2022
After Oct 1st, 2022:
Non-URG members cost: $50 limited membership & $75 subscription fee per month with one year contract
URG members cost: $75 per month

OnPart Locator:
Built for some of the larger fleets in North America, OnPart's Part Locator will give URG recyclers a unique opportunity to sell to vehicles needing collision or mechanical parts. A new platform with a new way to drive sales opportunities for URG members.

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You have questions, I think we have answers.

Difference between Mitchell and how they are getting data into car-part?

Live integration. This connection is interactive with end user, shops will be more likely to purchase knowing the data is accurate and up to date.

How orders are processed

Shop can reach out direct to the location - not a full integration, yet, like ccc. Soon

What are the terms of signing up? Month to month/yearly?

Non-URG members or Limited members are required to sign a one year contract

URG Members members are month to month

What is the price difference between going through URG vs On-Part?

URG is a member driven organization that helps the Recycling industry.

OnPart is a technology company that partners with suppliers, shops, member driven organizations to help connect more sales opportunities in the automotive parts space.