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We are fortunate to work with various partners who share our passion for the automotive parts space. Our partners are true collaborators and vital to our mission.


Iowa, yes Iowa!

REV Parts Management (Fuse 5)

Everything you’re looking for in auto parts software, with so much more . Rev Parts Management is the only TRUE CLOUD ERP solution focused Exclusively in the Automotive Aftermarket

Manage all facets of your inventory in one place. Gain control with Inventory Management software from Rev Parts. View, track, adjust, and research inventory from within Rev to have transparency in everything coming in and out of your locations.






Recyclers need a competitive edge to stay profitable and expand into the future. URG provides that edge with access to a unique portfolio of business tools, innovative technology, data protection, training, operation support, and more... Designed by Recyclers for Recyclers.

Teaming with URG means not only access to the tools you need to succeed – as a Member, you connect your business with the best of the best. URG Members and partners represent the gold-standard in the recycling industr y and maintain the highest level of quality and integrity in their practices.


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