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Looking to sell more collision parts?
Let OnPart walk you through the steps to get started:

1. Define Delivery Area

Local, regional, or National delivery. You may have a mix of a few, like Local delivery for larger parts and national for shipping; we set up a profile based on the largest aspect of your profile.

2. Determine Part-Types

Used OE, Opt-OE, New OE, Aftermarket, and more. We can work with any part type. Just note, not every part time works with every collision platform. So, what you have to sell will determine what platform we can set up for you.

3. Associate OE Part Numbers

This may seem obvious for some, but you MUST have the OE number matching the part you are selling. Every collision platform connection requires it.

4. Drop into Template

Drop your inventory into our template or export from your system into a template like ours and we can get you connected. You can get all the templates here

5. Contracts

Our contract located here, once filed out we can get the ball rolling.

6. Schedule Go Live & Sales

Training and Go Live to get the sales going.

Questions About OnPart?

Working with 100's of suppliers from around North America, we have learned a thing or two about the Collision space, if you don't see your question or need more information than what is below, please reach out through our contact page.

What are collision platforms?

These platforms aim to streamline the parts procurement process; even today, over 50% of the parts procurement is done with a phone call vs. ordering from a system like Amazon. The automotive landscape is challenging, with all the part types, part numbers, vehicle makes, and models, and then you have supply chain issues. These platforms have helped keep the industry going with parts and getting vehicles back on the road despite all the obstacles it has been challenged with over these last few years.

Do you have to use OnPart?

No. You can connect directly but might need a few things like a good software developer, hardware, and time.

Do we have competitors?

Yes and No. We do, but we do not have direct competition. Depending on what you are looking for or depending on how you want to connect to the collision platform, reach out and we will certainly point you in the right direction if we are not a good fit.

Why should I use OnPart?

Do you want to sell more parts, more specifically Collision Parts? Then OnPart can help you drive more sales with less work.

Is it worth selling colision parts?

Depends on your market and part type.

Did you know: The U.S. automotive collision repair market was valued at $34.3 billion (about $110 per person in the US) in 2019 and is expected to reach $35.0 billion (about $110 per person in the US) in 2020, according to Grand View Research.

Can OnPart help me grow the business?

Yes. We have the system, the right connections, AND the reporting you need to get the insights needed to drive your business forward.

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If you are new to the industry or looking to grow, this is your guide.

Less than 100 pages, and you can understand what it takes to succeed in the Collision Space.

It's always copied but never replicated. So many people have tried to copy our results without much success; we are not bragging (maybe a little); we are just letting you know that we can help your parts perform unlike anyone else. That's why we put the guide together, to continue the tradition of helping all suppliers in the collision space. You can buy it on Amazon or download it here for free.

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