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3 Unique opportunities for URG Members to sell more parts.

Sell more parts at a fraction of the cost through URG’s PartsSourcePro program.


Over a year ago, URG forged a strategic alliance with OnPart, resulting in the inception of PartsSourcePro. This groundbreaking platform serves as the essential bridge for recyclers to seamlessly integrate non-VIN parts with the CCC platform. By utilizing PartsSourcePro, a window of opportunity opens, granting invaluable insights into the CCC market dynamics.


Commencing in July 2023, through the OnPart connection, URG Members Gain Direct Quoting Access to the Mitchell Collision Estimating System. In response to the insurance sector's needs, this integration introduces VIN-associated parts to the market, fulfilling the industry's call for electronic access to recycled parts.


URG has been in close partnership with OnPart, diligently ushering their members onto the OPS platform. Our unwavering mission centers around enhancing the parts supply chain for collision repair shops and parts suppliers, fostering an unswerving and precise parts flow to expedite the return of vehicles to the road.

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Interested in selling more parts?

PLEASE NOTE: URG members will automatically be opted into Mitchell and OnPart Parts Locator programs. If you do not wish to have your inventory go into either program then please to login to your URGNet Control Center and uncheck with PartsSourcePro subscriptions they do not want to participate in.


You have questions, I think we have answers.

Difference between Mitchell and how they are getting data into car-part?

Live integration. This connection is interactive with end user, shops will be more likely to purchase knowing the data is accurate and up to date.

How orders are processed

Shop can reach out direct to the location - not a full integration, yet, like ccc. Soon

What are the terms of signing up? Month to month/yearly?

Non-URG members or Limited members are required to sign a one year contract

URG Members members are month to month

What is the price difference between going through URG vs On-Part?

URG is a member driven organization that helps the Recycling industry.

OnPart is a technology company that partners with suppliers, shops, member driven organizations to help connect more sales opportunities in the automotive parts space.